Our Team

Daniela Gad

GFNY MEXICO Co-founder, avid cyclist and professional photographer. Her work is apparent in all our advertising, graphic designs, and daily operations of GFNY Mexico. Daniela is instrumental in all our apparel, race gear designs and not to mention all the fun toys we add to our goodie bags. Daniela’s passion for cycling goes back 15 years to when she started riding in Europe and the states on the same routes as the major tours. She’s a great climber but a fearless downhiller.

Shaun Gad

GFNY Mexico Co-founder and CEO, Shaun loves cycling and works hard to make sure all GFNY Mexico races are true Italian style granfondos and fully timed races. Shaun’s passion for cycling goes back more than 20 years when he started racing NORBA sanctioned mountain bikes back in the states and basically every other type of bike until he discovered his true passion of road racing. Shaun’s main expertise is in marketing with a degree from NYU. He spent over 20 years in the jewelry industry working with the top world brands and helping them market their products.. When Shaun is not organizing a GFNY race he’s usually in the states or Europe riding endlessly.

Miguel Gonzales

GFNY Mexico Co-founder and President, Miguel early sports career started as a professional soccer player and later moved to his real passion road and triathlon racing. Miguel has earned multiple podium positions around Mexico and a 4th place position in the 70.3 Ironman Miami 2015. Miguel is key in organizing all race logistics for GFNY Mexico and makes sure that your race experience is the true meaning of what BE A PRO FOR A DAY means.

Leonardo Flores

Leonardo’s passion for cycling has recently begun but has taken a huge leap forward. From a novice rider Leo is now winning podium positions on the local race circuit. Leo’s main focus at GFNY Cozumel is to help coordinate/organize all race logistics including our amazing expo, finish area, and not to mention making the race course look GFNY cool. If you have emailed GFNY Cozumel you most likely have heard back from Leo who is answering and helping all participants with there questions.

Citlali Bello

Born and raised in Cozumel. Citlali helps in keeping our back office organized and works with our sponsors, host hotels and government to make sure everyone is coordinated. During race day Citlali is coordinating our podium ceremony and finish area festivities. She is a practicing attorney and very dedicated to her work. She might not ride a bike but she loves her island and all the sports events that come here, especially GFNY Cozumel.

Andrea Martinez Zamora

Andrea has participated in triathlon races for over 10 year. She enjoys the freedom that this sport offers in its multiple disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. With a Law and Tourism background, she works hard to make sure the best content is displayed on our  social networks. She is also constantly helping to build our cycling community and promote cycling as a great lifestyle choice for everyone to enjoy.