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Athletes' Choice Awards 2023

21 Feb 2024

You chose your favorites! The day after any GFNY, all finishers get an email with a post-race survey that captures rankings as well as feedback. We absolutely do read the surveys – thank

Conquista al Rey del Viento en GFNY Cozumel: 10 Consejos para un tiempo récord

03 Jul 2023

El GFNY Cozumel es una carrera de ensueño para ciclistas que buscan un recorrido desafiante con vistas impresionantes. Una de las secciones más emocionantes de la carrera es el famoso “Rey del Viento”, donde los

Conquer the King of the Wind at GFNY Cozumel: Top 10 Tips for a Record-Breaking Time

03 Jul 2023

The GFNY Cozumel is a dream race for cyclists seeking a challenging course with breathtaking views. One of the most exciting sections of the race is the notorious “King of the Wind,” where cyclists battle

How to train for a 3-timer medal

02 Jun 2023

If you’re planning to participate in three GFNY races in a season to get your 3-timr medal, it’s important to schedule a training plan that will help you prepare for each race and ensure that

How to prep your bike for a GFNY

25 Abr 2023

If you’re participating in a GFNY, it’s essential to ensure that your bike is in excellent condition. Preparing your bike for a GFNY involves more than just pumping up the tires and oiling the

5 tips on riding in a peloton

18 Abr 2023

Riding in a peloton is a fundamental aspect of road cycling, and it’s essential to master the art of group riding if you want to improve your performance. A peloton, which refers to a

6 tips on how to improve your climbing

10 Abr 2023

Climbing is a challenging aspect of cycling that requires both physical and mental strength. Whether you’re training for a mountainous race or simply looking to improve your climbing abilities, there are several strategies that

5 tips on how you can mentally prepare for a cycling race

04 Abr 2023

Cycling races can be both physically and mentally demanding. While physical training is important, mental preparation can also significantly impact your performance. Here are five tips to help you mentally prepare for a cycling race:

Un sueño de más de 30 años

30 Mar 2023

Escrito por Gerardo Loredo, tras terminar su carrera en GFNY Monterrey el pasado 5 de marzo: El arranque fue intempestivo, era de esperarse, mi corazón quiere reventar, mis pulmones mas que inhalar gritan desesperados y

Drugs Good/Motors Bad — The Doper’s Omertà Ethics

21 Sep 2022

A Not-So Surprising Double Standard on Technological Cheating By Chris Geiser (@ThisGeiser) ETHICS! If you can’t trust the fix, what can you trust? It warms my heart every time I hear the late, great Jon

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